*Lab and homework are bold printed*

April 16-20
Mon    -Review
Tues    -M1 Quiz
            -R&R Force
Wed    -Guided Notes
            -R&R Friction and Gravity
Thurs    -Guided notes
Fri        -Friction lab
April 9-13
Mon    -Mode of travel due
            -Return and review
            -WS-Slow motion planet Earth
Tues    -Guided notes with homework
                    -Plate tectonics
Wed    -Beanz Lab return and review
            -Notes Acceleration
Thurs    -Sports Acceleration lab
            -Calculations and conclusion 
Fri        -Lab due and review
            -Returns and review 'Time to travel'

March 26-30
Mon    -R&R return and review
            -Book exchange 
            -Test return and review - parent signature
            -R&R Describing motion
Tues    -R&R due
            -Guided notes M1.1
Wed    -Beanz Lab
Thurs    -Lab due and review
                -Algebraic manipulation/Mathematical magic
                -Time to travel 
March 19-23
Mon    -Lab due and review
            -R&R Human disorders and Advances
Tues    -R&R completion reviewed as notes.
Wed    -Genetic, Royalty and European history
Thurs    - R&R Advances in Genetics due
            -Selective breeding, cloning
Fri        -Genetic engineering, ID, and mapping
                    -This will end the book, Monday we will
                 exchange and begin 
                    Book M-Motion, Forces, and Energy.

March 12-16
Mon    -Pg 116 due and review
Tues-Thur    -PARCC testing
            -classes will be collecting genetics data on the day their class meets.
Fri    -Genetics survey lab- combined  data from all classes.
March 5-9
Mon    -Punnett practice due
            -guided notes
            -R&R Mutations
Tues    -Punnett return
            -Petlett adoption
Wed    -Mutations
Thurs  -Pet check petlett trimmed and groomed
            -Final directions for pet project
            -Finish mutations
Fri        -Chap 3 Quiz

Final Directions


*Parents and offspring attached so that the back of the pet can be read.

*P and F1 generation labeled

*Decorated and neatly presented

*No glitter      *MLA Heading


*Punnett squares presented neatly

*Label trait, parents, key of alleles, ratios

Due by Friday, March 16th         May be turned in early

Feb 26-Mar2
Mon    -R&R Probability due
            -Guided notes
Tues    -Pet Check, determine genotypes
            -Punnet Practice #1-3
Wed    -Review Punnet Practice
            -Guided notes - Codominance
            -Punnet Practice #4
Thurs    -Review #4
            -Quiz return
            -Guided Reading 3-3
Fri        -Pet Check
            -Guided notes 3-3
            -Pet Punnett practice

Feb 19-23
Mon -Presidents Day - No school
Tues    -R&R due
            -Guided notes 
Wed    -Pet adoption day
                -beginning of Paper Pet project, will be selecting 
        traits to be used for genetic cross.
                -Pets to be trimmed and groomed by Friday
                            -drawn and cut out
Thurs    -Guided notes, 
               -Hw R&R Probability
Fri           Early release
             -Pet check, trading guidelines

Mon    -Poster due, Snow day delay
                    Cancer guided reading
Tues        -Finish cancer
Wed        -Respiration Lab
                -1st and 2nd to author presentation
Thurs    -Lab due and review,  1 and 2 lab
Fri        -Chapter Quiz
            -R&R Mendel's Work
Feb 5-9
Mon    -GR due
            -Mitosis poster 
Tues    -Guided Reading review - Cell Division/Mitosis
Wed    -Mitosis Vid
            -Cancer guided reading
Thurs    -Cancer notes and vid
Fri        -Finish Cancer
            -Mitosis posters due - May be turned in any time 
                during the week.

Jan 29-Feb 2
Mon    -Review homework
            -Light demo
Tues    -Respiration guided notes
            -Fermentation Timeline
Wed    -Review
            -History and fermentation
Thurs    -Finish timeline
            -Space station air Video
Fri    -Test return and review
           -Guided Reading - Cell Division
Jan 22-26
Mon    -Review 
Tues    -C1 test
                -R&R Photosynthesis
Wed    -R&R due and review
            -Guided Notes
Thurs    -Finish notes     
             -Enrich Chlorophyll and light
Fri        -Review homework
             -Light Demo
Jan 15-19
Mon    -No school MLK
Tues    -Lab due and review
            -Guided notes
Wed    -Elodea Salt lab
Thurs    -Lab due and review
               -Finish Guided notes - Active Transport
Fri        Microscope Quiz - This is a performance quiz,
             student will make a slide and use the microscope. 
            - Review pg 39-40  #1-10,

Jan 8-12
Mon    -Snow Day
Tues    -Review Guided Reading 
Wed    - Finish GR
            - HW 'Cell Environment'
Thurs    -Osmosis notes
            - Osmosis lab setup - results require 24 hrs.
Fri        -Osmosis review
            - Lab data and conclusion

Dec 18-22
Mon/Tues    -Enrich 'Cell City'
                      -Plant Cell Lab
        Classes will be split and switch.
Wed    -Lab due and review
            -Cell city review
Thurs    -Vocabulary quiz over the purple trifold
            -Hw  C1-3 GR Chemical Compounds in Cells
Fri    -Early release, check and review Guided Reading

Dec 11-15
Mon    -Finish K1.1 Guided Notes - 
            -Microscope introduction
Tues    -Microscope lab introduction
                -prepared slide and parts/function
Wed/Thurs    -Classes will be split, part will continue on the 
    microscope lab, part will be doing trifold vocabulary
Fri        -Review trifold cell parts.

Dec 4-8
Mon    -Recycling
Tues    -Book exchange, starting book C
               - HW  R&R Introduction to cells
Wed    -R&R due
             -Folder clean out
            -Guided Notes - Purple
Thurs    -Test return and review
              -Guided notes
Fri        -Parent signature due
            -Guided notes 
   Nov 20-24
Mon    -R&R due and review -fission and fusion
            -Spectra tubes demo
Tues    -Returns and review
            -Finish guided notes

Nov 13-17
Mon    -R&R Nonmetals due 
            - Chart element review
            - Penny density Lab
Tues    -Lab due and review
            -Vid, "Mint"
            -Guided Notes - Nonmetals (pink)
Wed    -Guided notes
Thurs    - Alien periodic lab  -alien brain melt
Fri        -Alien due
            -Hydrogen demo
            -Finish guided notes if needed
            -R&R Stardust
Nov 6-10
Mon    -Element presentations
            -Name in elements is due.
            -R&R Metals
Tues    -Element presentations
            -Guided notes  Metals
Wed    -Element presentations
            -Guided notes  Metals
Thurs    -Metals
                -Video -The Mint
                -Element sing along
Fri           -Lab - Penny Density

Oct 30-Nov 1
Mon    -Element chart due - Check and review
Tues    -Atomic models
            -Chap 2 test return
Wed    -Project questions
            -Variations of Periodic Table
            -Create your name using the elements
            Projects are due and will be presented Mon-                    Wed.  Students volunteered for order.
Thurs    -Conferences
Fri        -No school


Element Project

Background :  For many years, scientists searched for a way to organize the known elements of the universe onto a useful chart or table.  It was not until the mid-1800’s that a Russian chemist by the name of Dmitri Mendeleev recognized hidden patterns that could be used to organize the elements.  Mendeleev’s periodic table became the first useful system for the classification of the elements.  Each element on the periodic table has its own unique physical and chemical properties.  Some of the elements have important uses.  Some were discovered a long time ago and others are man-made. 

Task:  Your task is to research an element using your textbook, the library, an encyclopedia, the Internet, and other appropriate resources.  The information obtained will be portrayed graphically by creating either a poster or a computer generated presentation using Power Point. This must be on a disc or media that can be turned in to the teacher.  The project will be presented to the class.  The element must be a naturally occurring element.  Elements will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis during class.  All required information must be included. 

Required Information: Use this as a check list for your completed project.

            -Element name

            -Element symbol

            -Element number

            -Element mass (most common isotope)

            -Number of protons

            -Number of electrons

            -Number of neutrons

            -Number of energy levels

            -Oxidation numbers

            -Type of element (metal, nonmetal, or metalloid)

            -Physical state at 20º C.

            -Melting point

            -Boiling point

            -Date of discovery or origin

            -Who discovered or identified the element

            -Origin and/or history of its name and symbol

            -Common and commercial uses

            -Biological importance, how is the element used in biological (living) processes. 

You may include additional information or interesting facts that pertain to your element.  Any pictures should have source cited. 

Due date:  This project will be due the week of  November 6th  when you present to the class.  Projects may be turned in earlier if completed.  Don’t forget MLA.

Oct 23-27
Mon    -Finish lab review
            -Guided Notes - Parts of the atom
Tues    -Project Introduction
            -Review parts of atom
            -HW - Back of pink - table parts Zinc
                    -Study guide for Friday quiz
Wed    -Element selection
            -Atomic Models
Thurs    - Model lab
Fri       -Early release 12:00
             -Table quiz  
            -Model lab due and review
Oct 16-20
Mon    -Returns and review "Gas Laws"
Tues    -Returns and Vids 'Frostbite Theater'
Wed    -Review, color of the chapter is salmon
Thurs    -Chapter Quiz
                -pg 79   #1 a,c  2 a,b   3 a
Fri          -Chapter 3 pretest - periodic table
                -Guided notes K3.1
Oct 9-13
Mon    -No school
Tues    - Review Sublimation/Deposition
            -R&R Gas behavior
Wed    -Guided Notes Gas Laws
            -R&R Graphing Gas Behavior
Thurs    -Lab - It's a Gas
Fri        -Lab due and review
            -Returns and review

Oct 2-6
Mon    -Qualitative Analysis lab part 1 - Peotone CSI
                -due on Thursday after completing pt 2
Tues    -Review lab and introduce part 2
            -Graphic organizer notes - change of state
            -Change of states WS
Wed    -homework due
            -Qualitative Analysis lab part 2 
                -determining an unknow using pt 1 data
Thurs   - Lab due
            -Review Change of state WS, Number line
            -Vids, Frostbite Theater
Fri    -Finish Graphic Organizer notes
        -HW - Enrich - Freeze dried

Sept 25-29
Mon    -Graphic Organizer notes
Tues    -GO
Wed    -Returns - Labs
            -Finish GO
Thurs    -Test return (pending make-ups)
                -Lab set up
Fri        -Qualitative Analysis Part I

Sept 18-22
Mon    -Finish Guided Reading
            - Enrich - Transforming Energy
Tues    -Homework due and review
Wed    -Chapter review, study guide purple
Thurs    -Chapter Quiz
              -Hw pg 47 #1a,b 2 a, c  3b
Fri        -Graphic organizer K2.1 States of matter.

Sept 11-15

Mon    -Unknown lab -determining an unknown using density.   Conclusion paragraph is homework.
Tues    -Lab due and review
            -Guided notes K1.2
Wed    -Review measurement
            -Displacement Lab
Thurs  -Lab due and review -Chemical/Physical 
             -Guide Reading K1.3 
Fri    -Early dismissal
        -Guided reading review

Sept 4-8

Mon-    No school
Tues    -R&R Describing Matter due
            -Guided Notes K1.1   
            -Measurement lab intro
Wed    -Measurement lab
Thurs    -Lab due and review
               -Finish K1.1
Fri        -Introduce K1.2
            -R&R Measuring Matter - Set up for lab

Aug 28-Sept1

Mon    -Jelly Belly Lab due and review
                -Monarch ecology
Tues    -Scientific Method
            -Intro to Tissue Lab
Wed   -Tissue Lab - Testing a hypothesis and gathering data
Thurs- Lab due and review
            Introduction to matter
            HW  R&R Describing Matter
Fri    -Review Matter
        -Measurement Lab -at home portion. 

Aug 21-25

Mon    -Introduction
                        -Outline and expectations

Tues    -Seating and finish expectations
               -Introduction to Scientific Method
                    -Guided notes
Wed    -Review
            -Handout books and online information
Thurs    -Lab safety
                -HW Lab/Kitchen Safety
Fri        -HW Jelly Belly Lab  -Using observations to determine properties.