*Lab and homework are bold printed*

Oct 16-20
Mon    -Returns and review "Gas Laws"
Tues    -Returns and Vids 'Frostbite Theater'
Wed    -Review, color of the chapter is salmon
Thurs    -Chapter Quiz
                -pg 79   #1 a,c  2 a,b   3 a
Fri          -Chapter 3 pretest - periodic table
                -Guided notes K3.1
Oct 9-13
Mon    -No school
Tues    - Review Sublimation/Deposition
            -R&R Gas behavior
Wed    -Guided Notes Gas Laws
            -R&R Graphing Gas Behavior
Thurs    -Lab - It's a Gas
Fri        -Lab due and review
            -Returns and review

Oct 2-6
Mon    -Qualitative Analysis lab part 1 - Peotone CSI
                -due on Thursday after completing pt 2
Tues    -Review lab and introduce part 2
            -Graphic organizer notes - change of state
            -Change of states WS
Wed    -homework due
            -Qualitative Analysis lab part 2 
                -determining an unknow using pt 1 data
Thurs   - Lab due
            -Review Change of state WS, Number line
            -Vids, Frostbite Theater
Fri    -Finish Graphic Organizer notes
        -HW - Enrich - Freeze dried

Sept 25-29
Mon    -Graphic Organizer notes
Tues    -GO
Wed    -Returns - Labs
            -Finish GO
Thurs    -Test return (pending make-ups)
                -Lab set up
Fri        -Qualitative Analysis Part I

Sept 18-22
Mon    -Finish Guided Reading
            - Enrich - Transforming Energy
Tues    -Homework due and review
Wed    -Chapter review, study guide purple
Thurs    -Chapter Quiz
              -Hw pg 47 #1a,b 2 a, c  3b
Fri        -Graphic organizer K2.1 States of matter.

Sept 11-15

Mon    -Unknown lab -determining an unknown using density.   Conclusion paragraph is homework.
Tues    -Lab due and review
            -Guided notes K1.2
Wed    -Review measurement
            -Displacement Lab
Thurs  -Lab due and review -Chemical/Physical 
             -Guide Reading K1.3 
Fri    -Early dismissal
        -Guided reading review

Sept 4-8

Mon-    No school
Tues    -R&R Describing Matter due
            -Guided Notes K1.1   
            -Measurement lab intro
Wed    -Measurement lab
Thurs    -Lab due and review
               -Finish K1.1
Fri        -Introduce K1.2
            -R&R Measuring Matter - Set up for lab

Aug 28-Sept1

Mon    -Jelly Belly Lab due and review
                -Monarch ecology
Tues    -Scientific Method
            -Intro to Tissue Lab
Wed   -Tissue Lab - Testing a hypothesis and gathering data
Thurs- Lab due and review
            Introduction to matter
            HW  R&R Describing Matter
Fri    -Review Matter
        -Measurement Lab -at home portion. 

Aug 21-25

Mon    -Introduction
                        -Outline and expectations

Tues    -Seating and finish expectations
               -Introduction to Scientific Method
                    -Guided notes
Wed    -Review
            -Handout books and online information
Thurs    -Lab safety
                -HW Lab/Kitchen Safety
Fri        -HW Jelly Belly Lab  -Using observations to determine properties.