*Lab and homework are bold printed*

Oct 15-19
Mon    -R&R Gas behavior due
            -Gas Law Notes
            -Progress report
Tues    -It's a Gas lab -conclusion and graph
Wed    -Lab due and review
Thurs    -Chapter quiz
              -HW pg 79 1a c, 2a b, 3a
Fri           -End of quarter, 1:40 dismiss
             -Bill Nye - 
Oct 8-12
Mon    -No school
Tues    -Change ws due
            -Graphic organizer notes
Wed    -Sublimation/deposition
            -Hw Enrich - Freeze dried
Thurs  -Energy and changes 
             -Hw due and review
            -Hw R&R Gas Behavior 
Fri        -Gas Law notes
            -Lab Monday
Oct 1-5
Mon    -Lab Qualitative Analysis II -identifying an unknown
Tues    -Lab due
            -Graphic Organizer - Liquids and fluids
Wed    -Graphic Organizer - Gases and Plasma
            -Hw R&R Changes of State
Thurs  -Hw due
            -Notes - change of state, graphic organizer
Fri        -PBIS day 
            -Returns and review
            -Change of state ws
Sept 24-28
Mon    -Unit Quiz
            -Pg 47 - 1 ab, 2ac, 3b
Tues   -Hw due
             -Graphic organizer -states of matter
Wed    -Graphic organizer
            -Supporting videos
Thurs    -Finish GO
              -Set up for lab
Fri        -Qualitative Analysis Pt I -identify properties
             of known substances
Sept 17-21
Mon    -Review
            -Guided Notes
Tues    -Finish Guided Notes
            -Enrich 'Transforming energy'
Wed    -Tranforming energy due and review
Thurs    -Returns and review
Fri        -Early dismissal, review.  Chapter quiz will
             be Monday
Sept 10-14
Mon    -R&R due and review
            - Review Gordon predictions
            -K1.2 Guided Notes - Density
Tues    -Unknown Lab - use density to
             identify an unknown material
Wed    -Unknown lab due and review
            -Guide notes - Displacement
            -Guided Reading 1.3 -*due on Friday*
Thurs    -Displacement lab 
Fri        -Lab due and review
             -Returns and review
            -Guided Reading 'Changes in matter'
Sept 3-7
Mon    -Labor Day, no school 
Tues    -R&R due and review
            -Guided notes 
Wed    -Guided notes
            -Measurement lab - home setup
Thurs   -Measurement lab - in class guided work, 
            should be little to finish. 
Fri        -Lab due and review
            -Formats - four step equation (fuscia)
            -R&R Measure Matter, 
               - setup for next weeks lab. 
Aug 27-31
Mon    -Room and lab safety
Tues    -Lab and home safety
Wed    -Scientific Method guided notes
            -Jelly Belly return and review
            -Tissue brainstorm for lab
Thurs    - Tissue lab, conclusion paragraph is homework.
Fri           -Lab due and review
                -R&R  Describing matter
Aug 20-24
Mon    -Rules and Outline
Tues    - Seating, Introduction to room and procedures.
            -Book handout
Wed    -Scientific Method introduction
                -Guided notes
Thur    -Jelly Belly Lab - homework is what they do not finish in class.
Fri        -Lab due and quick review
            -Intro to lab safety
                Homework -Science/Kitchen safety