*Lab and homework are bold printed*

Sept 23-27
Mon    -Review with partner
                Pg 37-39  #1-10, 12-15,18,21  Test Prep1-5
Tues    -Chapter 1 test
            -Read pg 42-47  Pg 47 1 a,b  2 a,c  3 b
Wed    -Guided notes/Graphic organizer
                - States of matter
Thur    -Returns and review
            -Finish Notes
            -Lab set-up
Fri        -Qualitative analysis Pt 1

Sept 16-20
Mon   -Lab due and review
            -Guided Reading 1.3 
Tues    -Review GR and use as notes/study guide
Wed    -Finish GR
            -Enrich 'Transforming energy Hot chocolate'
Thurs    -Review Hot chocolate
Fri        -Returns and review
                        *Chapter test will be next Tuesday*

Sept 9-13
Mon    -Measurement Lab - In class portion
Tues    -Lab due and review
            -R&R Measuring Matter
Wed    -Review Measuring Matter
            -Unknown Lab - Identify unknown metal using
Thurs    -Lab due and review
            -Guided Notes -displacement
Fri        -Displacement Lab -determining unknow using

Sept 2-6
Mon    -No school
Tues    - Review Scientific Method
            -Introduction to lab safetly
            -Home Safety Worksheet
Wed   - Review home safety
            -Begin K1.1
            -R&R Describing Matter
Thurs    -Guided notes
Fri        -Measurement ws
                    -Part is from book, part will be done in lab Monday.

Aug 26-30
Mon    -Jelly Belly Lab -observation skills
Tues    -Lab due and review
            -Guided Notes, scientific method
Wed    -Guided Notes
            -Lab intro, facial tissue brainstorm
Thurs    -Tissue lab
Fri        -Lab due and review
Aug 20-24
Wed    -Rules and Outline
Thurs    - Seating, Introduction to room and procedures.
Fri      -Book handout
-Scientific Method introduction
                -Guided notes