*Lab and homework are bold printed*

Nov 12-16
Mon    -Veterns day chat
            -Metal notes
            -Presentation reminder
Tue-Thurs    -Presentations 
            -Start notes on Nonmetals
Fri    -Nonmetals
        -R&R Elements from Stardust
Nov 19-23
Mon    Lab - Alien Periodic Table 
                - aka - alien brain melt
Tues    -Lab due and review
            -Hydrogen demo
Nov 5-9
Mon    -Project questions
            -Presentation Guidelines
            -R&R Metals
Tues    -R&R due
            -Guided notes metals
Wed    -Penny density lab
Thurs  -Presentation selection -presentations will be
                Tues-Thurs next week. 
             -Lab due and review
            -Video 'The Mint'
            -Finish metals, Demos
Fri        -Begin nonmetals

                Students  should be working on their element presentation.Guidelines below.

Element Project

Background :  For many years, scientists searched for a way to organize the known elements of the universe onto a useful chart or table.  It was not until the mid-1800’s that a Russian chemist by the name of Dmitri Mendeleev recognized hidden patterns that could be used to organize the elements.  Mendeleev’s periodic table became the first useful system for the classification of the elements.  Each element on the periodic table has its own unique physical and chemical properties.  Some of the elements have important uses.  Some were discovered a long time ago and others are man-made.

Task:  Your task is to research an element using your textbook, the library, an encyclopedia, the Internet, and other appropriate resources.  The information obtained will be portrayed graphically by creating either a poster or a computer generated presentation using Power Point. This must be on a thumb drive or media that can be turned in to the teacher.  Google Docs needs to be checked ahead of time. The project will be presented to the class.  The element must be a naturally occurring element.  Elements will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis during class.  All required information must be included.

Required Information: Use this as a check list for your completed project.

            _____ -Element name

            _____ -Element symbol

            _____ -Element number

            _____ -Element mass (most common isotope)

            _____ -Number of protons

            _____ -Number of electrons

            _____ -Number of neutrons

            _____ -Number of energy levels

            _____ -Oxidation numbers

            _____ -Type of element (metal, nonmetal, or metalloid)

            _____ -Physical state at 20º C.

            _____ -Melting point

            _____ -Boiling point

            _____ -Date of discovery or origin

            _____ -Who discovered or identified the element

            _____ -Origin and/or history of its name and symbol

            _____ -Common and commercial uses

            _____ -Biological importance- how is element used in biological (living) processes.

            _____    -Fun facts

 You should include additional information or interesting facts that pertain to your element.  Any pictures should have source cited.

     Due date:  This project will be due the week of  November 13th  when you present to the class.  Projects may be turned in earlier if completed.  Don’t forget MLA.

Oct 29-Nov 2
Mon    -Table practice review and due
            -Guidelines and intro to element project
Tues    -Element choice
                -research explained
Wed    -Table Quiz - from guided notes
            -Alternate tables
Thurs    -No school -conferences
Fri        -No school
Oct 22-26
Mon    -Pretest on periodic table
            -Guided notes 'parts of the atom'
Tues    -Modeling lab - questions are homework
Wed    -Lab due
            -Table quiz notes
Thurs    -Atomic Models
Fri        -Early release 12:00
            -Table practice
            -Table practice chart
Oct 15-19
Mon    -R&R Gas behavior due
            -Gas Law Notes
            -Progress report
Tues    -It's a Gas lab -conclusion and graph
Wed    -Lab due and review
Thurs    -Chapter quiz
              -HW pg 79 1a c, 2a b, 3a
Fri           -End of quarter, 1:40 dismiss
             -Bill Nye - 
Oct 8-12
Mon    -No school
Tues    -Change ws due
            -Graphic organizer notes
Wed    -Sublimation/deposition
            -Hw Enrich - Freeze dried
Thurs  -Energy and changes 
             -Hw due and review
            -Hw R&R Gas Behavior 
Fri        -Gas Law notes
            -Lab Monday
Oct 1-5
Mon    -Lab Qualitative Analysis II -identifying an unknown
Tues    -Lab due
            -Graphic Organizer - Liquids and fluids
Wed    -Graphic Organizer - Gases and Plasma
            -Hw R&R Changes of State
Thurs  -Hw due
            -Notes - change of state, graphic organizer
Fri        -PBIS day 
            -Returns and review
            -Change of state ws
Sept 24-28
Mon    -Unit Quiz
            -Pg 47 - 1 ab, 2ac, 3b
Tues   -Hw due
             -Graphic organizer -states of matter
Wed    -Graphic organizer
            -Supporting videos
Thurs    -Finish GO
              -Set up for lab
Fri        -Qualitative Analysis Pt I -identify properties
             of known substances
Sept 17-21
Mon    -Review
            -Guided Notes
Tues    -Finish Guided Notes
            -Enrich 'Transforming energy'
Wed    -Tranforming energy due and review
Thurs    -Returns and review
Fri        -Early dismissal, review.  Chapter quiz will
             be Monday
Sept 10-14
Mon    -R&R due and review
            - Review Gordon predictions
            -K1.2 Guided Notes - Density
Tues    -Unknown Lab - use density to
             identify an unknown material
Wed    -Unknown lab due and review
            -Guide notes - Displacement
            -Guided Reading 1.3 -*due on Friday*
Thurs    -Displacement lab 
Fri        -Lab due and review
             -Returns and review
            -Guided Reading 'Changes in matter'
Sept 3-7
Mon    -Labor Day, no school 
Tues    -R&R due and review
            -Guided notes 
Wed    -Guided notes
            -Measurement lab - home setup
Thurs   -Measurement lab - in class guided work, 
            should be little to finish. 
Fri        -Lab due and review
            -Formats - four step equation (fuscia)
            -R&R Measure Matter, 
               - setup for next weeks lab. 
Aug 27-31
Mon    -Room and lab safety
Tues    -Lab and home safety
Wed    -Scientific Method guided notes
            -Jelly Belly return and review
            -Tissue brainstorm for lab
Thurs    - Tissue lab, conclusion paragraph is homework.
Fri           -Lab due and review
                -R&R  Describing matter
Aug 20-24
Mon    -Rules and Outline
Tues    - Seating, Introduction to room and procedures.
            -Book handout
Wed    -Scientific Method introduction
                -Guided notes
Thur    -Jelly Belly Lab - homework is what they do not finish in class.
Fri        -Lab due and quick review
            -Intro to lab safety
                Homework -Science/Kitchen safety